Pump Servicing, Repairs & Upgrades

Pump Repair Process

Upon arrival in our workshop, the pump is logged into our system, an Asset is created under your company details, the pump is then tagged with a job number reference and then scheduled for stripping and assessment.

Thorough Inspection

Pumps are then stripped with essential measurements and photographs taken at each point upon dis-assembly. Components are then cleaned and inspected for serviceability. Full report is then tabled and uploaded along with the photographs to the job.

New components ready for re-assembly

Once confirmed to proceed with the repair, new replacement components are ordered for re-assembly. (pic for example only)

Completed Repair

Completed pump repair, pressure tested,  ready for return to the client.

Popular upgrade to new and existing pumps


Prior to ceramic coating, components are cleaned, descaled and sandblasted in preparation for the coating.

Final Coat

Two coats of ceramic finish are applied and allowed to harden before re-assembly.

Some of our recent pump repairs